Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Third Person

I'm writing here today to alert you of a certain phenomenon which I became aware of during my second or third week here in the Odenwald.  I began to notice that whenever people referred to other people by their names, they would always put the word "the" in front of the name.  For example, it is common to hear one say, "I was talking to the so-and-so the other day..."  It turns out this is just part of the unique way of speaking in this region.  At first it sounded very strange to me, but, being more than willing to take any opportunity to try to blend in, I began to adapt this strange colloquialism.  To say I enjoy it would be quite the understatement.  I have always longed to refer to myself in the third person in English.  Sadly, it just comes off too darn egotistical.  Now, however, I proudly introduce myself as "the Luke Obermann" whenever the opportunity arises.  Alas, such a manner of speaking will be sorely missed upon my return, but makes it all the easier to cherish these next 9 months.

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