Thursday, September 26, 2013

Email Problems

Sorry, just a quick note of explanation.

3 months after graduation, your St. Olaf email address expires and everything attatched to it as well. Its the final step of booting you off the hill. I unfortunately had linked my Olaf email with this blog (dumb) which is why all previous blog posts are now writted by "unknown" instead of "Molly Grace" as it previously was. I just noticed that all my pictures are gone too :( which makes me very sad. Unfortunately, again, since was destroyed, I no longer have the power to edit those posts since only the author can do that. Ironic isn't it? St.Olaf has stolen part of my identity and I can't even access it.

So if anyone knows anything about this, like maybe an administrator power that can overrule anything I just said, please let me know!

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