Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weingute Ausflug

Yesterday was the the MLS teacher field trip! Pretty funny that there was only a half day of school so that the teachers could go out with one another. At 11 am, we boarded coach busses to travel from Rimbach to the village Lautertal and eat at the restaurant/hotel Kuralpe. Riding on the bus is an adventure in itself since its so big in comparison to the small streets we drive on and tinier villages we drive through. It felt like a roller coaster sometimes.
Eating lunch 

Walking after lunch


a little bit more landscape to show where we were
When we arrived in Nierstein-Schwabsbug, at the Weingut, we were greeted with a small glass of wine, coffee and a large assortment of cakes. Shortly after, we were herded onto tractor trailers and thats when it really began. I had been..., perhaps, warned is the best word, of this trip the past 2 weeks. The Kollegiumausflug 5 years ago was also the Weingut so many of the teacher's had already been. I was told that we would be pulled around on a tractor and get drunk on wine. And thats exactly what happened.


I'm sorry, but baggied wurst is weird. No matter what the German's say, I think this is odd. We each got a little packet of food (read:two brotchens and a hunk of wurst) on the ride to enjoy with our wine. I laughed when I pulled this out of my bag, but my colleagues asked me "what else you would you put it in?".  Touche. However, I would say we simply do not each sausage in situations that aren't conducive for using plates. Then again, America is a big place and maybe I've been living in the wrong part of the country. 

i took this myself


Photo cred: Frau Wilhelm

I combined my "guest teacher card" with Annett's ability to rally people together to convince everyone this photo was worth taking. 

Romy and Tilo

All and all, a wonderful trip.

When we got back to Rimbach, a group of us decided to continue the evening by going to a local pub/beer garden. It was really nice to get to know more of the teachers, especially on a less bumpy terrain than through the Winegut, and I enjoyed getting to speak so much German. I'm so thankful for the German I learned previously. It has made it so much easier to get to know the staff, and not to mention just keeping the kiddos in line, too. I think I surprise my 8th graders sometimes that I can understand the sly comments they make in German when they think I'm not listening.

So if you are planning a trip to Germany, I would highly recommend that you add this to your itinerary. If you come in the next 11 months, I'll join you! 

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