Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Müll löschen

Hello everyone,

One last post on this blog about my wonderful year in Rimbach.

In July I went to a wine festival in Heppenheim with some friends. We got to sample some wonderful drinks, but also many different kinds of food.

At one booth, they were making potato chips. We got to see them slicing the potatoes and frying the chips. I didn't try them, but I did buy some food from an Indian booth, though I have forgotten its name. It was also deep fried, some kind of vegetables and sauce, but I had no idea that the portions would be so large. My friends had had enough to eat, and so I had to throw some of it away.

I said to them, "Ich muss es löschen" which of course would translate to "I have to delete it."

These are the words you learn when you set your e-mail interface to German.

I have now been back in Minnesota for the last few weeks and am looking forward to another job teaching English, this time at a university in China.

Viele Grüße,

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